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Creation and monitoring

Once the initiative has been incorporated, the first question that springs to mind is “what next? The following step is to define the business plan, with consideration for all the surrounding changes that may influence and/or affect the entrepreneurial initiative.

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  • Once the initiative has been incorporated, the entrepreneur should focus on setting it in motion. This, however, requires care: the surrounding ecosystem may influence and affect the idea. Failure to take it into account can mean being shut out of the market.
  • Since the initiative is part of an ecosystem, the entrepreneur must be an active listener and dynamic and flexible in order to deal with changes such as an opportunity and challenge for improvement. It is also possible to consider cooperation and internationalisation as catalysts that help the initiative to grow and expand.   

Do not forget...

  • To decide how to initiate application procedures (online or onsite) in accordance with the company type.
  • That the business plan is the roadmap of the initiative.
  • There are tax incentives associated with R&D&I activities.
  • To research cooperation and complementation with other initiatives in progress that may enhance and improve the positioning of the initiative being undertaken.
  • The option of taking part in marketing initiatives organised by state, regional and local agents to facilitate internationalisation.

What next?

  • Start procedures of application and incorporation of the company type chosen.
  • Review on a quarterly basis compliance with the objectives and activities set out in the business plan.
  • Monitor and review the risk plan (new risks may appear and others may be reduced).
  • Analyse the applicable tax incentives.
  • Undertake annual strategic reflection and review to define new products and services with consideration for market needs, competition, possible alliances and/or new investors.
  • Provide any necessary justifications to investors or to the public body that has given financial backing to the initiative.

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