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Creativity is the ability to create and produce new, valuable things. It is the capacity a brain has to reach new conclusions and resolve problems in an original way. Creative action must be intentional and have a target. Creativity may materialise, among other things, as art, literature or science as it is not exclusive to any area in particular. Creativity is the seed of an idea, a concept, a creation or a discovery that is new, original and useful and satisfies both its creator and others for a period of time.

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Although creativity is part of our DNA and a seed that resides within us, it very often remains dormant and must therefore be aroused.

Creativation is a process for successful entrepreneurship. It is a 9-step model for generating ideas and systematically turning them into value propositions.

Background & environment: Identify the capabilities you have and the personal and environmental resources that can help to define your idea.

Creative process: Creative culture for changing the habitual way of seeing and doing things. By thinking differently, new solutions appear.

Creative challenge: Define the challenge that prompts the creative process you will use to create your idea.

Generating opportunities: Create opportunities by identifying the concepts involved in the challenge.


Analogies in other areas: Look in other areas to break the restrains of logical thinking and to explore other routes.

Valuation of ideas: Make lists, classify and select the best ideas created in the process. Assign points and prioritise the ideas that are most relevant to your problem.

Development of ideas: Develop the best ideas to turn them into valuable suggestions that can be specified in a real product/service model.

Prototyping & testing: Check that your perception matches market reality by simulating the created concept.

Value proposition: Describe the final proposal and break it down into its component aspects.