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Valuation and reflection on the business idea are crucial for the initiative’s success or failure. There are 5 key aspects to be considered when analysing whether the initiative is entrepreneurial and has a chance of success:

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Be objective and realistic in your analysis

  • Identify the initiative’s new and innovative aspects compared to existing products on the market.
  • Seek specialised external advice in each phase of the project to gain expertise, knowledge and objectivity.
  • Work as a team if possible. All contributions are valid and can provide different views that complement the initiative or make it easier to identify aspects that would otherwise remain unconsidered.
  • Do not confuse a one-off opportunity with entrepreneurial initiative (or at least be aware of the situation).
  • Make sure that assistance from the authorities does not determine whether or not the initiative is carried out.

Tasks to perform

There are currently several tools for evaluating ideas and entrepreneurial spirit that consider the aspects listed above. We recommend selecting one of the benchmark tools in the links section and running a test to validate the idea and determine entrepreneurial spirit.