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General questions

What are the benefits of registering on the Entrepreneuring is Possible platform?

It enables you to define and build your idea using a methodological model that envisages all the areas in an entrepreneurial initiative that need to be considered.
It provides tailored advice from the FPdGi if the initiative’s author so wishes.
It gives the initiative publicity in the market place to help it find financing.

What happens to my initiative’s property rights?

The initiative’s author always holds all the rights for the initiative regardless of whether or not he or she seeks advice.

Who can consult my initiative?

The initiative is only analysed by the FPdGi if its author explicitly requests it to do so.
The only content that is public is the information that the entrepreneur wishes to reveal on the market place for initiatives.

What is the function of the market place for initiatives?

The market place is intended to provide a meeting point for entrepreneurs and investors.
The other main purpose of the market place is co-creation that streamlines combination and the establishment of synergies among different initiatives.

What part of my initiative is visible to others?

The name of the initiative.
The image or icon of the initiative.
The description entered in the specific field for publication of information in the marketplace.

How can I get tailored advice?

Tailored advice is given when a personalised initiative is set up and a request is made in the last stage to analyse the initiative.

What is the canvas model?

In 2010 Alex Osterwalder designed the Canvas Business Model; The Canvas Business Model is an essential tool for creating business models. It describes different aspects of your business idea that are necessary for your project to operate properly.
The tool is simply a canvas with different interrelated sections that cover all the basic aspects of a business: client segments, value proposals, channels, relations with clients, sources of income, key resources, key activities, key partners and cost structure.

What is a business plan/business model?

The road map for the initiative that features a breakdown of every aspect associated with the initiative (target market, differential value, effort required to perform the initiative, sales forecasts, financing needs, risks assumed, etc.)

How can I send my initiative?

To create a tailored initiative the first step is to register on the Entrepreneuring is Possible platform.
The second step is to go to the utilities section to define your idea and gradually build your initiative on the basis of a methodology.

How can I get financing for my initiative?

You can publish your initiative in the market place so it may be seen by potential investors.
In the Financing service you can:
           • Obtain all the information on public financing.
           • Consult the right-hand menu for different mechanisms of bank
             financing, business angels, and crowdfunding.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation is the union or merger of two or several initiatives for the
creation of a new product or service.


Specific questions on the canvas model


What does interrelated clients mean?

It means that different segments of clients to whom the initiative is addressed may have some direct or indirect relation and/or dependence.

What does pain statement mean?

This refers to the problem/need the initiative is intended to resolve.

Cost-oriented business approach.

It is geared to internal improvement and maximum optimisation of the production process to generate a product with fewer market costs.

Value-oriented business approach.

It is geared to the generation of new products and services to meet the needs of the market.

What are fixed costs?

These are the types of costs that arise repeatedly, at regular intervals and on a constant basis and may include payslips, rental of equipment or facilities.

What are variable costs?

These are the types of costs that vary according to the level of production or activity of the company.
In a supermarket, the cashiers are a variable cost because management can easily alter the hours they work to suit them to the number of shoppers.